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why ask why

What is the point of creating art?

Why open a vein and bear down with your core to watch it all pour out? On to the page. On to the screen. Into the ether.


For the afflicted among us, it's a rich and poisonous humor that transits between the gut, the heart and the brain. If you don't find ways to vent the toxic nectar, it will saturate the tissues and solidify into a useless gum that impedes thought, movement and will.

To speak is human and to manifest a change of state in the mind of another is what it means to speak. [this is a keystone principle of mundane and ritual magicks]

"the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will" - Aleister Crowley, Magick (Book 4)

The poet informs the senses with symbols arranged to hold the place of emotions and thus create the transfer of state. When the poet revisits the arrangement in a later time [a later and different state], the condition is created again.

The afflicted are witness to the soundlessness of unheard trees falling in a wood . . . and we are their voices. If our telling is overlooked, disregarded, or ignored, we will still come back to witness again. Artist and witness, both; privately rewarded by the change of state and the preservation of that charmed humor formed into perfect chapters, if only for the sake of ourselves.

In a perpetual and fractal relationship, the individual informs the collective and the collective informs our culture.

Blessed be.

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