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Welcome to the darkroom memoirs and thanks for dropping by.

This is not a photography blog, per se; nor is it a daily journal. The hashtag #darkroommemoirs was coined for art and commentary that specifically exhibits the voice of Pumpkin House.

Here you will find new images [before they find their way to the gallery pages], some reflective prose, occasional announcements and [one hopes], contemplative conversation among friends.

The darkroom is sacred. Lit dimly, yet carefully, with long wavelength light. The air is still. There is a faint and familiar chemical odor that takes your mind to someplace that could have been a high school lab or an old boutique store in the country. [doesn't matter, now] The space is small but there's room for a few comfortable chairs, a mid-century occasional table and a bottle of your favorite wine.

It's good to see you.

- Jake

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