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Back on the coast.

I learned more about myself out here, in one year, than I would have in ten had we never embarked - but now I am back in Southern California for a few days and I am learning something new. Home is not a thing that we can bring with us and, like the moon, the light side of one's heart is meant to face the fore while the dark side quietly gazes behind.

La Jolla's favorite son, Theodor Geisel - the one and only Dr. Seuss - [though actually a son of Springfield, MA] lived about five minutes east of the outcrop upon which perches yonder pelican in one of today's newest photographs. [check out his Wiki page; turns out we've been mispronouncing "Seuss" since we were old enough to giggle our way through his silly rhymes]

What Geisel brought to his graphic art was a fantastical sense of a very real place. It's that very sense of place; a dreamlike familiarity, that anchors the mind in surrealist landscapes and allows the heart to give over to belief. There is a childlike yearning to witness magic and to loose oneself, if for a moment, in a beautiful place made real by your most trusted senses.

Our world is our interpretation of what we witness. Interpretation only, but made no less real by our filters of experience or emotion - only amplified by them.

What we choose to see is what we choose to be.

[thank you for joining me]

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