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Urban impressions and curious things


"Civilization is like a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness."

   - Werner Herzog

severed heart

1020-22 Rue St. Ann

la sorciere

Skystar by the river_pH


the Roebling_pH


San Francisco delivery

a good day for it

the November Garden

the prince of hearts

bridge over Rhien 14x11



half [w]hole

never leave

Cailleach & the Covenant

all hallows

wedding in blue

hear them dying


Digde the Caillieach [veiled one]


philosopher stone

tuning fork

dass Mama immer noch da ist


Koln Dom

light the way home

Seattle gallery

light [the way]


Abbey Road Panama

comedy of death & rebirth

Broadview Philadelphia

summer street stairs

urban flats

fibonacci hotel

wells bridge

the dark sands of time

city of industry

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